Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey! Where'd I go!

So, I never had the expectation that this blog would be regularly updated because

1.) We spent all of our moolah buying the house and have to save, save, save in order to have more to decorate.

2.) I'm not one of those people who enjoys wet and cold winter weather... so I'm waiting for spring to get back into the swing of things.

3.) My kids are holy terrors who have wreaked mass destruction on my decorating projects*

*slight exaggeration... my 3 year old did spill an entire can of white paint, which was supposed to go on the dining room walls, but ended up all over our hard wood floors... but other than that, they've been good girls.

But the weather outside is not quite as frightful as it was last month, and in only a few weeks, we'll get our tax money back from the government... and then I'll be back!

Until then, thanks for visiting, and hello to my followers!