Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Kitchen Cabinet Revamp... Gone Wrong

I had a post all ready to go for today. It was going to be about my kitchen cabinet revamp... about my process start to finish, as I prepped and primed and painted my cabinets. It was going to be about my hard work for four days straight, as I busted my behind to get my kitchen in shape... It was going to be filled with butterflies and unicorns and whimsical songs about lovely kitchen cabinets and the joy of working hard to turn something not-so-fabulous into something FABULOUS...

But then, last night as I was unloading the dishwasher, a large chunk of paint peeled straight off of the cabinet door and I froze in horror...

What. The. HECK?

So, I scraped the chunk with my finger, and even more peeled away.

I called my grandma in a panic, and what did she tell me?

"Your cabinets were painted with an oil based paint, and you painted them with a water based paint."

Oh. Right.

You know, the annoying thing is that I knew that oil and water paints react to each other like, well, like oil and water, obviously. I knew it. I shouldn't have been surprised. And truthfully, I wasn't surprised. Nope, I was pissed. Because the guy at Lowes who picked out my primer for me, said that the primer I was paying top dollar for was so good, that the walls/cabinets didn't even need to be sanded first.

And I fell for it because I'm Marisa: The Most Trusting Girl in the Universe.

So. Now I have to take down all of my cabinets and spend another four days prepping and priming and painting them. No, make that FIVE days, because it will probably take me an extra day to sand it all back down. And as for a post laced with butterflies and unicorns and sweet little songs about the joys of painting cabinets... that will have to be reserved for a day when I'm not stomping my feet and crying my eyes out in frustration.



  1. oh, how exasperating! I think I would be making a visit back to that paint guy and tell him about the experience so that he doesn't give bad advice to anyone else. can't wait to see the final version!

  2. Oh, golly! Maybe just touch them VERY GINGERLY for the next 5 years...or do a "faux" somethin' or other where the green is S'POSED to show through! (the green ain't bad...white neither).

  3. Oi! I think that paint guy deserves a good kick in the pants.

  4. oh no! I have to admit, I kinda like that lime green, but I would probably paint them white too :)


  5. oh no! I would be majorly annoyed to put it mildly!! Good luck fixing it up...

  6. Oh no! I would be kicking that paint guys booty. I hope it goes smoothly this time.

  7. So sorry to hear about that!!! I don't envy you! If you don't have an electric sander with a vacuum attachment you might want to think about renting one--it will make the job go a lot quicker, cleaner and your arms won't be so tired! Good luck with it!

  8. I would be soooo frustrated. I would say something to the paint dept. Because now you have to purchase new paint on top of it @ $20 or more per gallon...I would be mad.

  9. Oh my!! I'd be fuming too Marisa! I'd march right up to that paint guy and ream him and his manager a new one!

  10. We all do stupid things from time to time, like believing people we ask advice from. Just think when you are done how wonderful they will be :)

    Enjoy the process, regards, T. :)

  11. Well that stinks!
    I coulda used me some unicorns today. :(
    Stupid Lowe's guy.