Saturday, October 17, 2009

"This is the Inspector!"

My husband Will picked out our very first house accessory the other day. We knew we needed a fridge, a microwave, and other assorted necessities... but we figured our first house purchase needed to be something fun and frivolous.

Our house has a phone stand built into the wall in the hallway, so naturally that frivolous purchase needed to be an antique rotary phone. Because how else are we supposed to pretend we are in an old British inspector film if we don't have a phone that we can pick up and declare (in our poshest accents) "This is the Inspector!"

Will really does that every time he walks down the hall, and he's got me doing that, too - although, my British accent is terrible and I tend to sound Indian. Don't know why. He is more convincing.

But seriously, isn't this phone the best? It works and has the cutest ring EVER and Will picked it up for only $20 at a nearby antique store.



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