Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Room Furniture!

Hurray for our tax refund finally coming through! And what did we spend some of our money on?

FURNITURE! (obviously)

We aren't keen on the color I painted the family room walls, so they will most likely change this summer. But in the meantime, here is our current living room set up, with our new sofa, love seat, and new rug.

I love the color of the sofas. It is the same color as the flowers in my floral patterned couch in the living room, so it ties the rooms together.

The patterned pillows came with the couch, and they are okay... but they'll be leaving us soon, replaced with something much cooler (I have ideas... I will share later).

And next on my list of things to do: Something on the walls. In every room. Our walls are bare, despite having moved here back in October. Shameful, I know!



  1. Yay for furniture! Looks great Marisa!

  2. don't worry, we moved in August and I still have boxes that I just can't bring myself to unpack

    I love the new furnature, the color is really pretty

  3. Thank you!! I love that red. And hope it will hide messy kid fingers. We shall see!!

  4. Much more stylish than the futon!!

  5. Thanks, April! That futon was our "small apartment" furniture... so glad we could upgrade!